Rabbit Hole Distillery

Go down the “rabbit hole” on an immersive look at the modern distilling process. At Rabbit Hole Distillery, owners created a world-class bourbon experience in downtown Louisville. With an eye on tradition, the modern brand crafts whiskeys and gins that use barrel aging to create trademark flavors.

Rabbit Hole Distillery Tours

Get to know the story, philosophy and architecture that makes Rabbit Hole Distillery unique. Learn how their spirits make their way to the glass with complex flavors and distilling techniques. Intimate tours move throughout the beautiful distillery and include a trip to their overlook for a stunning view.

The Rabbit Hole Bourbon Tastings

Rabbit Hole Distillery boasts a five-sense tasting experience as part of their tour, which includes tastings of bourbon, rye and gin products.

Rabbit Hole Distillery Barrel of Small Batch Bourbon

Things to know about Rabbit Hole Distillery

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Rabbit Hole bourbon made?

Rabbit Hole bourbon is made at 711 E. Jefferson St. in Louisville, Ky. Fun fact: This location was the former home of Mint Julep Tours!

Who owns Rabbit Hole?

Rabbit Hole is partly owned by founder Kaveh Zamanian and international spirits company Pernod Ricard.

What bourbons and whiskeys does Rabbit Hole produce?

Rabbit Hole produces several bourbons, a cask-finished bourbon, rye whiskey and a barrel-aged gin.

Is Rabbit Hole on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail?

Yes, Rabbit Hole is a member of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail®.

Which distilleries are near Rabbit Hole?

Urban Louisville distilleries nearby include Copper & Kings, Evan Williams, Angel’s Envy, Michter’s and Old Forester.

Where can I find out more about Rabbit Hole?

Learn about Rabbit Hole at rabbitholedistillery.com.

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