New Riff Distilling

American entrepreneurship and independence are cornerstones of New Riff Distilling. With commitment to high-quality spirits made with care, this Cincinnati-area distillery creates whiskey and gin with a new riff on old tradition. 

Established in 2014, New Riff Distillery released its first bourbon aged four years. Single barrel, barrel proof and 100% rye whiskeys also are available.

The New Riff Distillery Tours

Kentucky whiskey traditions fill your urban distillery experience at New Riff Distillery. Grain-to-barrel distilling is part of the tour, including fermentation, distillation, bottling and barreling. Learn about how non-chill filtering whiskey affects the process and the impact of non-GMO grains in their mash bill.

The New Riff Bourbon Tastings

End your tour with a tasting flight that may include New Riff bourbon and single-barrel whiskey. Barrel-aged gin also is made here.

Things to know about New Riff Distillery

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is New Riff Distillery made?

New Riff Distillery is made at 24 Distillery Way in Newport, Ky.

Who owns New Riff Distillery?

New Riff Distillery is independently owned by Ken Lewis.

What bourbons and whiskeys does New Riff produce?

New Riff creates a range of expressions of New Riff-branded whiskey products including O.K.I. Single Barrel.

Is New Riff Distillery on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail?

New Riff Distillery is a member of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® Craft Tour.

Which distilleries are near New Riff?

New Riff Distillery is on the Cincinnati-area B-Line map and located near Old Pogue and Boone County distilleries.

Where can I find out more about New Riff?

Learn about New Riff at

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