MB Roland Distillery

Local white corn and natural ingredients are the foundation for rural distillery MB Roland Distillery’s whiskey and moonshine products. Located on a former dairy farm in Christian County, Ky., this micro-distillery carefully crafts spirits on a small scale. For fans of smoky flavors, their “dark fired” whiskeys utilize smoked corn in the mash for a unique end result.

The MB Roland Distillery Tour

Learn about making Kentucky moonshine and whiskey at this small batch distillery. Your tour goes through the barn where distillation, fermentation and barreling all happen. Plus, visit the barrel-aging building for a lesson on how barrels make a difference in whiskey-making.

The MB Roland Bourbon Tastings

Taste a flight of housemade products including flavors of Kentucky Shine like pink lemonade, blackberry and apple pie moonshine, or sample barrel-proof whiskeys with distinct mashbills.

Things to know about MB Roland Distillery

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is MB Roland Distillery made?

MB Roland Distillery is made at 137 Barkers Mill Road in Pembroke, Ky.

Who owns MB Roland Distillery?

MB Roland Distillery is independently owned by Paul and Merry Beth (“MB”) Tomaszewski.

What bourbons and whiskeys does MB Roland Distillery produce?

MB Roland Distillery makes MB Roland dark fired whiskeys and True Kentucky Shine.

Is MB Roland Distillery on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail?

MB Roland Distillery is a member of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® Craft Tour.

Which distilleries are near MB Roland?

MB Roland Distillery is located far outside of Louisville and most of Bourbon Country. The closest distillery is Casey Jones in Hopkinsville.

Where can I find out more about MB Roland?

Learn about MB Roland at mbroland.com.

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