Kentucky Artisan Distillery

What makes Kentucky Artisan different from other distilleries is that they don’t make whiskey for themselves. Known as a contract distillery, Kentucky Artisan works with brands to distill and bottle whiskey to someone else’s specifications. The most well-known label is Jefferson’s Bourbon.

Each brand made here is part of the distillery tour for an experience unlike any other in Bourbon Country.

The Distillery Tour

The small-scale distillery is a great place for an intimate tour of the distilling process. You’ll see how ingredients, equipment and finesse make great bourbon. Learn about the innovative aging techniques utilized by Jefferson’s for its Ocean line and how barrels, cask finishes and environment affect the end product.

Mint Julep partners with Kentucky Artisan to offer a private tour with an elevated tasting experience that includes high-end whiskeys.

The Bourbon Tastings

In the tasting room, your flight of whiskeys may vary due to availability. Frequently tasted products include Jefferson’s Reserve, Whiskey Row bourbon and Highspire whiskey.

Things to know about Kentucky Artisan

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Jefferson’s Reserve made?

Jefferson’s Reserve is made at Kentucky Artisan Distillery at 6230 Old Lagrange Road in Crestwood, Ky.

Who owns Jefferson’s Reserve?

Jefferson’s Reserve is independently owned by Trey Zoeller.

What bourbons and whiskeys does Kentucky Artisan produce?

This contract distillery has produced several brands, including Whiskey Row, Highspire Whiskey, Jefferson’s Reserve, Big Ass Bourbon, Iron Quarter, and Bib & Tucker.

Is Kentucky Artisan on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail?

Yes, Kentucky Artisan is a member of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® Craft Tour.

Which distilleries are near Kentucky Artisan?

This distillery is convenient to both downtown Louisville distilleries and destinations east of the city.

Where can I find out more about Kentucky Artisan and Jefferson’s Reserve?

Learn about Kentucky Artisan at For more on Jefferson’s bourbons, visit

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