Hartfield & Co. Distillery

Of all the bourbon made in the country, none was made in Bourbon County for a very long time. Then, for the first time since Prohibition, Hartfield & Company became the first licensed distillery in the county when it was founded in 2013. With a craft mentality, Hartfield & Co. uses local ingredients to make small batch bourbon, whiskey and rum.

The Hartfield Distillery Tour

Learn why Hartfield & Co. uses more barley in their mashbill, utilizes small bourbon barrels for aging, and takes full advantage of the blending process to make their whiskeys.

The Hartfield & Co. Bourbon Tastings

Taste across the Hartfield & Company portfolio of bourbon, aged rum, white whiskey and wheated bourbon after your tour. Extend your stay with a craft cocktail at Prichard & Bail, the onsite bar featuring pre-Prohibition-style drinks.

Hartfield & Co. Bourbon Whiskey Bottles

Photo by Hartfield & Co.

Things to know about Hartfield & Co.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Hartfield & Co. Bourbon made?

Hartfield & Co. is made at 320 Pleasant St. in Paris, Ky.

Who owns Hartfield & Co.?

Hartfield & Co. is independently owned by Andrew and Larissa Buchanan.

What bourbons and whiskeys does Hartfield & Co. produce?

A line of Hartfield & Co. labels of bourbon, whiskey and rum are produced.

Is Hartfield & Co. on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail?

Hartfield & Co. is a member of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® Craft Tour.

Which distilleries are near Hartfield & Co.?

Distilleries in Lexington and Frankfort are convenient to Hartfield & Co., including Buffalo Trace, James E. Pepper and Barrel House.

Where can I find out more about Hartfield & Co.?

Learn about Hartfield & Co. at hartfieldandcompany.com.

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