Glenns Creek Distilling

The historic Old Crow Distillery sat abandoned for more than 30 years before being reopened as Glenns Creek. This bourbon landmark originally produced whiskeys made by Dr. James Crow, who is known for perfecting the sour mash technique. 

Crow’s style is the foundation of whiskeys made today at the repurposed and salvaged facility. This even includes wild yeast collected from one of the old fermentation tanks.

The Glenns Creek Distillery Tour

See aspects of the whiskey-making process on your tour at Glenns Creek Distillery. Learn about the historic buildings on site and how products are handcrafted and pot distilled here.

The Glenn Creek Bourbon Tastings

Glenns Creek products on your tasting flight may include Stave+Barrel Bourbon, Café Olé, Ryskey Rye Whiskey, Prohibition Kentucky Rum, or OCD #5 cask strength bourbon.

Things to know about Glenns Creek Distilling

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Glenns Creek Distilling made?

Glenns Creek Distillery is made at 3501 McCracken Pike in Frankfort, Ky.

Who owns Glenns Creek Distilling?

Glenns Creek Distillery is independently owned by David Meier.

What bourbons and whiskeys does Glenns Creek produce?

Brands created by Glenns Creek Distilling include Stave+Barrel, Ryskey, Prohibition Kentucky Rum and OCD.

Is Glenns Creek Distilling on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail?

No, Glenns Creek Distilling is not a member of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail®.

Which distilleries are near Glenns Creek?

Nearby bourbon distilleries include Buffalo Trace, Woodford Reserve and Castle & Key.

Where can I find out more about Glenns Creek Distilling?

Learn about Glenns Creek at

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