Bulleit Distilling Co.

While the official Bulleit Distilling Co. distillery grounds started producing bourbon in Shelbyville, Ky., in 2017, the company recently completed the Visitor’s Experience in 2019 and opened its operations to visitors.

The Distillery Tour

Experience the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the Bulleit portfolio through their interactive tasting experience. Get to know the cultural creators, entrepreneurs and tastemakers who helped revive Augustus Bulleit’s high-rye whiskey and create the bold, beloved Bulleit Frontier Whiskey of today.

The Bourbon Tastings

Each tour features a tasting of the Bulleit portfolio, which includes Bulleit Bourbon, Bulleit Bourbon 10 Year and Bulleit Rye.

Bulleit Distilling Co. Tour and Tasting on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail®

Things to know about Bulleit Distilling

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Bulleit made?

Bulleit Bourbon is made at Bulleit Distilling Co. at 3464 Benson Pike in Shelbyville, Ky.

Who owns Bulleit?

Bulleit is owned by international spirits company Diageo.

What bourbons and whiskeys does Bulleit produce?

Bulleit makes Bulleit Bourbon, Bulleit Bourbon 10 Year, Bulleit Barrel Strength and Bulleit Rye.

Is Bulleit on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail?

Yes! Bulleit Distilling is a member of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail®.

Which distilleries are near Bulleit?

Bulleit Distilling is located in Shelbyville, near Jeptha Creed, Buffalo Trace, Wild Turkey and Four Roses.

Where can I find out more about Bulleit?

Learn about Bulleit at bulleit.com.

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