Boone County Distilling Co.

Located in the rolling hills of northern Kentucky, Boone County Distilling calls back to the pioneers of the past to make its modern spirits. Opened in 2015, the small Kentucky distillery features a 500-gallon pot still, four fermenters and a small bottling line. The hands-on operation melds tradition and craftsmanship to make its line of whiskeys.

The Distillery Tour

Learn why distillers here say their spirit is “Made by Ghosts” on your tour. Every detail of the operation is handled on site, and bourbon tour guests will see it all. The small distillery only makes about five barrels a week, which are aged in their rickhouse.

The Bourbon Tastings

Enjoy samples from the Boone County portfolio, which may include Eighteen 33, Tanner’s Curse and White Hall Bourbon Cream products.

Things to know about Boone County Distilling

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Boone County Distilling made?

Boone County is made at 10601 Toebben Drive in Independence, Ky.

Who owns Boone County Distilling?

Boone County is independently owned by Jack Wells and Josh Quinn.

What bourbons and whiskeys does Boone County Distilling produce?

Boone County Distilling makes Tanner’s Curse, Eighteen 33 and White Hall Bourbon Cream labels.

Is Boone County Distilling on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail?

Boone County is a member of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® Craft Tour. The small batch bourbon maker is also on the Cincinnati area’s B-Line of destinations for tours and tastings.

Which distilleries are near Boone County Distilling?

The closest distilleries to Boone County are New Riff and Old Pogue, which are both on the B-Line.

Where can I find out more about Boone County Distilling?

Learn about Boone County at

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